Services We Offer

As an independent brokerage firm, Lesko has access to nearly all load and no-load mutual fund families, insurance and variable annuity companies enabling us to provide investment opportunities as diverse as you need them to be. The result…unbiased advice and broad flexibility.


• 401(K) Plans
• 403(B) Plans
• Employee Seminars & Educational Programs
• Pension Administration
• Third Party Remitter’s For TSA’s, IRA’s And Other Payroll Based Plans
• SEP Plans
• Business Financial Planning

Individuals and Families
• Financial Planning
• Wealth Management
• College Savings
• Retirement Accounts & Planning
• Estate Planning
• Annuities
• Independent Insurance Broker

Investment Services
• Independent Broker Through Lesko Securities
• Stocks
• Bonds
• Mutual Funds
• Portfolio Management
• Investment Monitoring & Research

Senior Services
A Certified Elder-Friendly Business by Action for Older Persons