About Us

Lesko Financial Services, Inc

Charles Lesko Sr. created the Lesko Agency in 1948, after 12 years with a major insurance company. His new venture, established to offer not only the best insurance products but also to help customers navigate their own financial journey, began a tradition of unique customer service that continues to this day.

As an independent broker, he was free to offer his clients more than one insurance company’s line of products; from that point on Lesko pioneered the vision of the client as employer, not the company. Lesko’s motto summarized this unique perspective: “The Clients’ Interests Must Come First.”

Even when he retired in 1962 and the business was handed down to its present owners, sons Charles, Jr. and Michael, the emphasis on the clients’ needs persevered, leading to new products and services in an increasingly complex financial universe.

In 1971, Lesko Financial Services was one of the very first financial planning firms in the country. As charter members of the National Association for Financial Planning, Lesko wrote individual financial plans and counseled clients on retirement and college planning, tax reduction and estate planning.

By 1980, Lesko understood the growing need for professional educational services in the financial industry. Blazing new trails once again, Lesko Financial Services began providing financial planning and pre-retirement planning seminars to teachers, hospital workers and employees of many major corporations in our area such as Anitec, Amphenol, IBM, and Universal Instruments. In addition to seminars, Lesko provides 401(k) pension and profit sharing plan administration, retirement plan payroll deduction programs; and other business services such as SIMPLE plans and group insurance benefits.

In 1981, Lesko Financial Services became a registered broker/dealer enabling clients to buy and sell individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, treasury issues and variable annuities.

Today, with third-generation family members leading the way Lesko Financial Services remains the leader in innovative, independent financial products and services, continuing educational endeavors and pioneering into new media to take complex ideas and make them tools that every consumer can use.

A member of the Broome County Chamber of Commerce and an Elder Friendly-certified business, Lesko Financial Services continues to serve its community and to help clients create the financial future suited to their dreams.

Securities offered through Lesko Securities, Inc.

Registered Broker-Dealer, Member of FINRA (www.finra.org ,brokercheck.finra.org) & SIPC